Worriyng and Stress

To those he may be worrying today:
untitled (4)
So many things are going on today. We get caught up in the idea of wanting to be successful. We see people struggle and wanting so desperately not to go down that path of that dark hurt and pain. We plan, and plan, and so many times try to determine the outcome for all of the things we want to happen. Many times our plans don’t go as well as we want them, they fail, we fall short, and we are back where we started. It seems that our dreams are broken and we become discouraged and hardened.

The bible says:
Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its on worries. Today’s trouble is enough – Matthew 6:34

This simply means to take one day at a time. Don’t worry about the little things, we will soon find out that the little things we worry about are not worth much worry, and many times the big things we worry about, are often little things. Nothing is too hard for God.

Cast your cares and concerns on the Lord. He is waiting to hear them.

All Well Wishes.



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