To My Future Mate. . .





If I allowed you to read this  then that means you’re very special.

You make me laugh, you make me smile, but most of all you make me HAPPY.

I love the way you look at me, I love your kisses. I love everything about you.

I just want you to know that I’ve been hurt badly before. I’ve experienced terrible pain. I’ve prayed daily for strength for GOD to forgive those who have hurt me so one day I can be forgiven. I have loved with every once of my body and I feel like I have been hurt before as well and I’ve been drugged and had the love sucked out of me without and once left to give… I have been down. I’ve had low self esteem about my color, hair, appearance and all of that. I have hoped and wished for someone to love me but I always came up short.

I don’t know why GOD loves me so much but he do, because he sent me YOU.

You know of my past yet you forgive me, you’re here when I need someone the most, you listen to me, love me, and you never judge me. I just pray you remain the same. Please don’t take advantage of me because my love for you is so real and pure.

I know you will be an awesome family man. You will make for an awesome father and a wonderful husband.

I feel so complete with you. So Safe. So Loved… and I now understand why God placed you in my life. I see why I was in a holding place with bad people who meant me no good for so long. God was allowing you to grow for me. He was also teaching me how to forgive, and to understand that everyone doesn’t have my best interest at heart. This allowed me to be able to fully appreciate it when someone really loves me. So I really appreciate you.

You have a REALLY good heart but you’re kinda tough. You LOVE YOUR family and YOU LOVE YOUR MOM.

She’s such a nice woman to raise a handsome, wholesome, loving man like you. She’s a tough lady and she taught you to far GOD.


I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU LOVE GOD, and you love him more than anybody in the whole world. You acknowledge GOD in all that you do and I know he lead you to me for a reason.

I know I’m playful.. I know I can act crazy sometimes, but just bare with me because I really LOVE YOU with all my heart.

I LOVE YOU so MUCH… BUT I LOVE GOD even more. He placed us together to help live out work through him. We will forever praise his name. Prayerfully, together. Forever. . .





(saw this on safe haven I really wanted to do it. I plan on saving it until I meet that special person and am certain that it is the real thing with confirmation from GOD.) Hope you enjoy.

I know I’m playful.. I know I can act crazy sometimes, but just bare with me because I really LOVE YOU with all my heart.


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