“Do The Right Thing” for the Love of JESUS CHRIST


So recently I became obsessed with JESUS CHRISTIt’s not that I haven’t always had this love for GOD and I knew where my help came from but it was at this very moment one day where I just really begin to KNOW JESUS.

I just realized one day that I was tired of the same ole stuff. Day in and day out, month after month, year after year. After heartache and troubles and misery, I just feel tired. My soul felt tired, I was miserable. I could feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. After I got over one problem here comes another problem. I needed comfort. I would run to my friends, twitter, or Instagram for advice but nothing gave me the answer I NEEDED. I would seek what I wanted to hear but very sedomly would I allow myself to get the advice I NEEDED to hear. I would tell all my business to those “friends” of mine and they would tell me what I wanted to hear while running to tell my business as well. So after reading a blog from HEATHER LINDSEY one day it struck me that maybe GOD was the answer.

I went into my bathroom and laid all my problems cares and concerns at the feet of Jesus. I stayed there for almost an hour and I just cried and hollered and told him of all my problems. I secluded myself where I felt like I was alone with Jesus, away from noise, distractions, and my roommates. Sometimes in order for us to hear God we have to get quiet and listen. When you’re talking to GOD you have to REALLY CONCENTRATE and FEEL HIM. He’s there. I set the mood with peaceful music. I called on the name of Jesus and GOD CAME. I attend a Holiness Pentecostal Church. I’m use to seeing the shouting, the dancing, the clapping,  but I never really received the holy spirit. Well, the day that I went into the bathroom and called on God.. I FELT IT. I’m not aware of HOW I praised him, what I said or what I did, but the feeling was overwhelming. It felt as if I couldn’t thank him enough. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was THANK YOU JESUS, my life flashed before my eyes as if it was movie over all the good things and bad things he brought me through. I can’t thank him enough. When I left that bathroom, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt renewed and cleansed. I slept that night with peace because I casted all the concerns I had at the feet of Jesus and I left them knowing that he would make everything alright.

Over the next couple of days, I begin to feel God tugging at my heart. I felt guilty because I had not spent time with God. See when you abandon GOD he longs for your heart, you are his child and he misses you. I had to go and pray again.

Through this journey I am on, I am learning that I HAVE to spend time with JESUS daily. I have to go to him everyday because I need him. If I can make time for all these worldly things then I can make time for JESUS. When you have Jesus in your life the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to you and guides you. A little voice will sometimes whisper in my ear and guide me on decisions I make. When I call a friend and I begin to gossip, the holy spirits quickly diverts my attention to speak on another subject. When I feel down, it whispers to me to pray. It’s all about doing the right thing. God Loves You and Wants you in his Life. I’m so glad that I found him and I pray I won’t ever let him go, because he will never let go of me.

– All well wishes.



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