5 Things you should do for the NEW YEAR.

THE NEW YEAR is a PERFECT time to be refreshed and  become a better person. It is a way to start over. Here are five things you should do to make 2014 a MUCH better year.


” Do no be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals.”- 1 Corinthians 15:33

Let’s face it. All relationships are NOT good relationships. People come in our lives for a reason. That reason may be to help us grow or simply to teach us a lesson. There comes a time to cut negative people out of your life, and the new year is a perfect time to start over.  Sometimes we outgrow friendships. When we are advancing in our achievements and careers we may need to re-evaluate our support system. Even though we may love them we may need to cut ties in order for us to advance to the next level. Go through your phone, DELETE all those numbers from people who no longer contact you or you haven’t heard from in years. DELETE all those people who only call you when they want something. Let go of all those random people in your life that mean you no good. Everything you lose will be restored to you, so its okay to let go. Its okay to love them.. just know that where GOD is about to take you in 2014 is to a better place and we have NO TIME for people who are not considerate and have our best interest at heart.  They are hurtful and need to be let go at once. Let go of the guys and girls that hurt you too. We are about to rid you of all unhealthy relationships. So take the time to reflect on all of your bad relationships, evaluate who really needs to stay in your life and who DOES NOT. BE totally honest with yourself. Check them off and be ready to go into 2014 a new better you.



So you still can’t stand that guy or girl that broke your heart? You still talk about that friend who stole you boyfriend, Do you still have hate in your heart for that parent that left you when you were younger?

Maybe your scenario isn’t that deep but you still must FORGIVE. God sent JESUS CHRIST so that we may be forgiven for all of our sins. In order for us to forgive we must forgive each other. Pray about it. Its hard but God will help you. He will show you why he took you through each encounter with people who hurt you. God also blesses the person who prays for their enemy. Once you forgive them and pray for them, watch your heart grow  and become pure.

3. Learn to Budget your MONEY.

Feed the PIG.

We all know money comes sooo slow and leaves soooo fast. We have to learn to budget our money. Through my years in college I have learned that a bulk of my money goes to FAST FOOD. I will literally spend about $5-7.00 on a meal and when I get it it’s either cold or something that is not what I wanted.  I also spend so much money on clothing and gas. Look for better ways to make your money last. Financial literacy is a problem that many Americans face. We are uneducated about debt and how fast it is accumulated.  Research your credit score and find out how you can eliminate credit card debt and ways you can improve your credit score.  I can’t help you on this matter because it is still a problem I face, but here are some links that can better help you.




Learn how to sit down and right out your plans. Create a journal unique to what you need to do help you achieve your goals. Give yourself deadlines and set goals that are easy and attainable. Set long term goals but be sure to allow yourself time to establish your goals.

Buy planners and pretty pens to make your notebook easy and pretty to use.

WE have many goals and things we are about to accomplish so get those goals ready because we are about to achieve some goals and GREAT THINGS ARE COMING OUR WAY.



I recently learned on this journey to spend more and more time with GOD. I talk to him like he is one of my best friends. I have hard times concentrating to, when I do I lock myself in my bathroom or I praise his name when I am driving in my car.

Spending time with god makes everything so much better. It puts everything in perspective. You can go to GOD simple, like you would do one of your closest friends.- because that is what he is a- FRIEND indeed- He loves you and wants to help you. He is so awesome because he will allow awesome things to happen in your life. He will help you and guide you and tell you what you need to do.

When you spend time with GOD you will soon see him talking and interacting with you through the HOLY SPIRIT. Your gut instincts will start leading you and he will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. The more time you spend with him, the easier it is to hear his voice.

Get you a bible and read and study. Turn on worship music and give him praise. If there is something that you want, go to GOD with SPECIFIC prayers and tell GOD what you want him to do.

After you pray and worship, grab a journal and begin to journal and write. I learn that that is when GOD puts on my heart what he wants me to know. Through journaling. I am quiet and I am writing and all of a sudden words pour out unto my notebook that I had no intentions on writing. It is random thoughts that come in my head and it is GOD speaking through me through my writing. So grab a journal and begin journaling.

I wish you all the best new year ever. WE ARE ALL IN STORE FOR POSITIVE THINGS. GET READY. GET SET. and GET GOD.

All Well Wishes.



To My Future Mate. . .





If I allowed you to read this  then that means you’re very special.

You make me laugh, you make me smile, but most of all you make me HAPPY.

I love the way you look at me, I love your kisses. I love everything about you.

I just want you to know that I’ve been hurt badly before. I’ve experienced terrible pain. I’ve prayed daily for strength for GOD to forgive those who have hurt me so one day I can be forgiven. I have loved with every once of my body and I feel like I have been hurt before as well and I’ve been drugged and had the love sucked out of me without and once left to give… I have been down. I’ve had low self esteem about my color, hair, appearance and all of that. I have hoped and wished for someone to love me but I always came up short.

I don’t know why GOD loves me so much but he do, because he sent me YOU.

You know of my past yet you forgive me, you’re here when I need someone the most, you listen to me, love me, and you never judge me. I just pray you remain the same. Please don’t take advantage of me because my love for you is so real and pure.

I know you will be an awesome family man. You will make for an awesome father and a wonderful husband.

I feel so complete with you. So Safe. So Loved… and I now understand why God placed you in my life. I see why I was in a holding place with bad people who meant me no good for so long. God was allowing you to grow for me. He was also teaching me how to forgive, and to understand that everyone doesn’t have my best interest at heart. This allowed me to be able to fully appreciate it when someone really loves me. So I really appreciate you.

You have a REALLY good heart but you’re kinda tough. You LOVE YOUR family and YOU LOVE YOUR MOM.

She’s such a nice woman to raise a handsome, wholesome, loving man like you. She’s a tough lady and she taught you to far GOD.


I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU LOVE GOD, and you love him more than anybody in the whole world. You acknowledge GOD in all that you do and I know he lead you to me for a reason.

I know I’m playful.. I know I can act crazy sometimes, but just bare with me because I really LOVE YOU with all my heart.

I LOVE YOU so MUCH… BUT I LOVE GOD even more. He placed us together to help live out work through him. We will forever praise his name. Prayerfully, together. Forever. . .





(saw this on safe haven I really wanted to do it. I plan on saving it until I meet that special person and am certain that it is the real thing with confirmation from GOD.) Hope you enjoy.

I know I’m playful.. I know I can act crazy sometimes, but just bare with me because I really LOVE YOU with all my heart.

Forget the past- lean on GOD.


I use to harp, cry, and grieve, over things in the past but thank GOD for him showing me a way out. I now see what I really need who is –Christ himself, If he does not approve of it, its not gonna happen. Allowing somebody from the past to still control your life will not make it better at all… Why allow someone that much control over your life? Forgive and let it go… Thank God for me realizing that he needs to be the center of my life and that  there should be no man before him. I just hate it  took soo long for me to wait and find out. I’ve been  learning to lean on, trust, and depend on GOD lately.



We all long to love someone. We all long to be loved by someone. Its in our human nature to love and want to feel love returned to us.

As for me .. I have always been the type of girl growing up who felt I NEEDED a boyfriend. I would float around nonchalantly having crushes on guys, who deep down inside I KNEW wasn’t for me. The cycle continued through high school but during college the relationships that I encountered had a deeper impact on my life than the ones I had in middle and high school years.

I spent my sophomore, freshman, and junior of college year, running behind relationships that gave me nothing to offer. While my friends were out enjoying college. I was stuck in a room waiting for a text message from a guy back home. Relationships begin to take a tole on you if you are in one and you are not ready. My parents warned me on the dangers I faced of dating. Parents have so much more wisdom and knowledge over us but we sometimes disregard what they say and how they feel like I did on how they felt. I wanted to prove everybody wrong and make my relationships work.

Not only would I seclude myself from the world. I begin to want to do everything to make my boyfriend happy. I would go out of my way to do ANY and Everything for him. I would come home every other weekend just to see him. My grades begin to slip because I was giving my attention to things that I had no business giving them to. 

God is a jealous God he does not want you to give no earthly thing more attention than we give him because nothing can love us as he has. My family and friends all begin to warn me on the dangers I had encountered, but I wouldn’t listen. Soon I found myself in a great big ball of MESS. He begin to text and call other girls, my family was constantly mad at me for the time I was spending with him, I lost friends, I had no idea my world was crashing down. 

After a while I lost that relationship. I spent almost two years running back to him, begging, pleading, wanting him to give me that love that I thought I wanted. He treated me like CRAP, but I was too blind and in love to actually see it. I knew deep down in my heart that it didn’t feel right and that I needed to let go but something in me wouldn’t let me.  I never got that relationship back, he used me and talk down on me and after all that crying he still chose someone else over me. Someone who my  parents, family, and friends warned me about that he was seeing and I foolishly said “oh its nothing” “they’re just friends”. psshhh right.


See the thing about relationships is : IT MUST BE BLESSED BY GOD. God is the creator of all things. God should be involved in whatever you do. If you feel like you need advice or something is not right then go to GOD. Your heart must be fixed by God before you can give it to any man or woman or it will NOT WORK. He wants you to get to know him first. He wants to love you and be there for you. No man or woman can ever love you the way GOD LOVES YOU. IN due time everything will come to you when you are READY. If GOD has not set you up with a mate yet, then it is not your time. He longs for your heart and he wants to use you. He can’t use you if you’re letting someone else use you. Not only with relationships but with friendships as well. He is there for you. Go to God. If I had of listened to my gut intsinct and the guidance of people who wanted best for me, all those bad things that happended, all the depression, all the sadness could have been avoided if I would HAVE LISTENED. I would much rather have a relationship that GOD approves of than one that GOD does not. He want all of you entirely. 

When I found God, I felt better about myself. I now know that I don’t need a guy to feel loved. When God is ready for that special person, he will let me know but he will also give me CONFIRMATION. I don’t want it unless it has been confirmed by God.


All Well Wishes.-CBJ


“Do The Right Thing” for the Love of JESUS CHRIST


So recently I became obsessed with JESUS CHRISTIt’s not that I haven’t always had this love for GOD and I knew where my help came from but it was at this very moment one day where I just really begin to KNOW JESUS.

I just realized one day that I was tired of the same ole stuff. Day in and day out, month after month, year after year. After heartache and troubles and misery, I just feel tired. My soul felt tired, I was miserable. I could feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. After I got over one problem here comes another problem. I needed comfort. I would run to my friends, twitter, or Instagram for advice but nothing gave me the answer I NEEDED. I would seek what I wanted to hear but very sedomly would I allow myself to get the advice I NEEDED to hear. I would tell all my business to those “friends” of mine and they would tell me what I wanted to hear while running to tell my business as well. So after reading a blog from HEATHER LINDSEY one day it struck me that maybe GOD was the answer.

I went into my bathroom and laid all my problems cares and concerns at the feet of Jesus. I stayed there for almost an hour and I just cried and hollered and told him of all my problems. I secluded myself where I felt like I was alone with Jesus, away from noise, distractions, and my roommates. Sometimes in order for us to hear God we have to get quiet and listen. When you’re talking to GOD you have to REALLY CONCENTRATE and FEEL HIM. He’s there. I set the mood with peaceful music. I called on the name of Jesus and GOD CAME. I attend a Holiness Pentecostal Church. I’m use to seeing the shouting, the dancing, the clapping,  but I never really received the holy spirit. Well, the day that I went into the bathroom and called on God.. I FELT IT. I’m not aware of HOW I praised him, what I said or what I did, but the feeling was overwhelming. It felt as if I couldn’t thank him enough. The only thing that could come out of my mouth was THANK YOU JESUS, my life flashed before my eyes as if it was movie over all the good things and bad things he brought me through. I can’t thank him enough. When I left that bathroom, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I felt renewed and cleansed. I slept that night with peace because I casted all the concerns I had at the feet of Jesus and I left them knowing that he would make everything alright.

Over the next couple of days, I begin to feel God tugging at my heart. I felt guilty because I had not spent time with God. See when you abandon GOD he longs for your heart, you are his child and he misses you. I had to go and pray again.

Through this journey I am on, I am learning that I HAVE to spend time with JESUS daily. I have to go to him everyday because I need him. If I can make time for all these worldly things then I can make time for JESUS. When you have Jesus in your life the HOLY SPIRIT speaks to you and guides you. A little voice will sometimes whisper in my ear and guide me on decisions I make. When I call a friend and I begin to gossip, the holy spirits quickly diverts my attention to speak on another subject. When I feel down, it whispers to me to pray. It’s all about doing the right thing. God Loves You and Wants you in his Life. I’m so glad that I found him and I pray I won’t ever let him go, because he will never let go of me.

– All well wishes.